Inženjerski biro

Founded in 1952 and providing economic and legal consulting to enterprises and legal entities alike, we are a privately held joint stock company with vast experience across various industries such as the shipbuilding industry, oil industry, renewable energy resources, and tourism to name a few.

Over the past 65 years we have evolved from a company that originally worked on the development of the leather, rubber, and shoe industry to a company that has become a go-to partner for foreign investors looking for a safe and reliable partner in SEE.

Still, our mission and vision have always remained the same: we wish to take our knowledge, experience and know-how, as well as our innovative approach to enable other enterprises and legal entities to successfully do business in their (local) markets.

The company is also known for its longstanding publishing activity which has produced a series of excellent legal publications that provide an overview of regulations, case-law, opinions and professional literature and as such remain a cornerstone for legal experts and all those seeking answers to legal questions.

We are also the home of the Law Portal – Croatia's leading law portal where all of this legal expertise (papers, regulations, and case-law) can be found at a single online address.

And to make sure that there is also a place where the legal community can communicate and discuss legal issues we organize conferences where experts in all fields of law examine the latest novelties to enter the legislation and judiciary.

The quality of our services and publications was confirmed with the ISO 9001:2000 certificate.




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